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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brooker Creek Pavilion

Ok, here is the last (I think) of the Brooker Creek series of paintings that I'm going to post. This one shows a path to a picnic pavilion, and again I painted it because I loved all the colors of the flora there. You can see the Muhly Grass on the right, which is the common name for the pinkish-mauve fluffy plant, that I referred to in my previous post. I have added a link there also that will give you more scientific information about it. Now that I have most of these Brooker Creek paintings posted (finally), I'm going to have to get busy and get out my camera to shoot some of the more recent work I've been doing. I admit that I'm pretty lazy about keeping up with photographing and writing about my paintings for this blog. I'd just rather be painting all the time! I'm happy to report that I've sold a few paintings recently, which is always a thrill, not only for the bit of financial gain I get from it. If you're interested in purchasing this, or any other of my paintings, email me at Jennastarfriedman@gmailcom and we can arrange it with any credit card through Paypal. Prices are extremely reasonable. Thanks for looking!

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