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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Parrot & Parakeet - Watercolor

I recently went through a bunch of my earlier work to find images I could use for greeting cards. Here are some examples of older work that show one of the styles I used to paint, using watercolor with pen and ink.  The disadvantage of using ink with WC is it can give a cartoon-like quality to your painting, as seen here. Although I rarely use this technique anymore, I had fun with it for quite a while.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Blue Jay's World

BLUE JAY'S WORLD, Watercolor, 11x14"
Here's a watercolor I recently finished of a blue jay looking out over a field.  A few of the techniques used in this painting are flat and variegated washes, spattering, layering, and negative painting.  Much of the beauty of watercolor is in the unpredictability of exact outcomes.  This unpredictability is also the greatest challenge to creating a successful watercolor painting. It helps to learn and practice, practice, practice some fun techniques. I teach watercolor classes at my Home Studio and at Pasco Hernando State College

Monday, September 07, 2015

Ibis At The Bay

Newest painting:  IBIS AT THE BAY, Oil, 11x14
I painted this mostly en plein air at Howard Park, Tarpon Springs, FL.  I went to the same location for two weeks to work on it. The three little ibis(es?) came along while I was painting the scene so I quickly sketched them and also took a photo. It's hard to paint wildlife that are moving right along! Later in my studio I added the birds and some finishing touches. I'm happy with the way I caught the light and shade.  This painting is currently on view at the Downtown Gallery, New Port Richey FL.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Recent Posts on Facebook

I've been nominated for the Artist's Challenge of posting 3 paintings a day for 5 consecutive days, by Jana Withers. This is my first day but I've been having some issues with my computer so I'm hoping I can get these posted before the day is over. So here goes ... I'm starting with three earlier plein air paintings, a watercolor - Green Key Palms, an oil - Kayaks on the Causeway, and a pastel - Honeymoon Path.

I'm on Day 2 of the Five Day Challenge. The first three are pastels: Rain and Shine, Bayou, and Sandhill Cranes. The fourth one is an oil: Croton in the Woods. Thanks for viewing!

This is day 3 of 5 of the Artist's Challenge for me. These paintings were done a couple of years ago, all were done in plein air and are 6 inch squares. Two of them are from a "Lifeguard" series I was working on. All three are oils.

I'm also posting day 4 of the 5 day challenge, (which is actually today.I couldn't get day 3 up yesterday) These were all painted from life, meaning not from photos, and represent a variety of mediums. JG Ranch Road - oil, Pond Reflections - Pastel, Floral Still Life - Oil, and Green Key Beach - Acrylic.To be continued, in next post.

I wanted to add some of my watercolors to Day 4 of the Artists' Five Day Challenge. These paintings range from the 1980s to present day works. Also I want to say I appreciate everyone's comments so far - I haven't been responding individually because it's been a busy week, but I hope to go back and do that later. Thank you.

Day 5 of the Artists Challenge. My last day. It has been a good challenge since it's gotten easier for me to post my work and I've gotten such positive feedback. I've asked a few different artists I know if I could nominate them and I'm happy to announce that Eva Allen , and Christine Eckerfield have agreed to accept. Thank you ladies! And thank you Jana Withers andPhoebe Chidester for nominating me!
Now that it's the last day I'm finding it difficult to narrow it down to which ones to post. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I could find enough. These four are all done in Acrylics and have won prizes in competitions. I will end my Challenge with my personal slogan - Paint On!