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Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Place, Pava Show

This is the winning painting, "Kayaks at the Causeway", which you can also see in an earlier post in this blog. Not only did I win 1st place, but the painting is sold! Double-happiness!

Art Show Winner

Here I am, the proud winner of 1st place(!) at the PAVA show at the Leepa Rattner Museum in Tarpon Springs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Causeway Beach

I sat right on the beach (under my umbrella) when I painted this scene. There were some people walking around, but I didn't include them -- I usually don't want to put people in my landscapes. Not that I don't like people, but I want the focus to be on the natural setting, and once you have people in a painting, the eye immediately goes to them as the focal point. Anyway I first did this painting on the beach, but it got so hot and the sand was blowing around in my eyes and sticking on the canvas, so I finished it up later in the studio. I put the painting away for a while, as I often do when I'm not sure if I'm finished, so that when I take it out again I can see it with fresh eyes. I worked on this one some more and at last feel it's done. Does this count as plein air? Not in the plein air ultra-purist's eyes it wouldn't. This is something my fellow plein air painters and I discuss sometimes: to what extent does something have to be painted totally at the scene to be considered plein air? I understand when competitions need to have strict guidelines and specify what percentage of a painting has to be done outside to qualify for being defined as plein air in order to level the playing field. I have been in some plein air paintout events where I was pretty certain some of the painters were submitting studio work instead. That's deceptive and not fair to others who are painting by the rules. But when it's not a competition or judged event, and simply a matter of how to define a style of painting? For me then, plein air paintings would include artwork that is conceived, started, and mostly worked out in the field. Not that any of this matters much to most people at all! If you'd like to purchase this, or anything else you see here, contact me at jennastarfriedman@gmail.com for availability and prices. Thanks for visiting!
Causeway Beach, 11x14", Oil

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden Paradise, 9x12, Oil

Another in the series of paintings done at a local nursery, Earthscapes, in Palm Harbor. The settings and plantings in the garden are exquisite -- the hard part is eliminating what's not essential to the painting. I've done so many here that just didn't work, but I like this painting a lot. It's currently hanging, along with some others, in their shop. Email me if you're interested in this painting at jennastarfriedman@gmail.com and you can pay with Visa/Mastercard through Paypal. Thanks for visiting!
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Garden Views

Watercolors en plein air -- These little paintings were done at Earthscapes Garden Room. This is a nursery in Palm Harbor FL that has the most beautiful display areas I've seen in such a place. They are constantly moving things around, as well as getting new plants and merchandise, so each time you go it looks different. I wanted to paint in watercolor there so I could capture with immediacy the vibrant plants. These small paintings are available for $20 each unframed, or $30 with a frame. Thanks for visiting!

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