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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Summer's End

It's already getting darker earlier and even in Florida it feels like fall is on the way.  Except it's still really hot and humid and will continue to be until we hit October. 

Above is a little watercolor I did of shadows on a beach.  Sorry for the long absence here.  I hope to be blogging again on a regular basis. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Weekend class has started! All media welcome!

Last month marked the beginning of a new Sunday class added to my Home Studio schedule. We're having a great time! This class is open to Watercolor, Oil, or Acrylic painters and is geared to Beginning and Intermediate students. In addition,  I teach two other classes a week at my Home Studio: Watercolors on Wednesdays and Oil/Acrylics on Thursdays.  All classes run from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  See my website for more information    www.jennastarfriedman.com

Same subject, different mediums

Painting the same view with different mediums: The top painting was done with oil, the bottom one was painted with watercolors.  Both are 8x10 inches in size.  I've been teaching a few of my classes using this subject.  It's both a landscape and seascape view. Techniques employing atmospheric perspective as well as linear perspective are used to create the sense of depth. 

A Tree by the Sea, Oil, Watercolor, 8x10"

Monday, February 01, 2016

New Watercolors

Here's a watercolor of a still life I set up for my Home Studio Watercolor class. I was going for a more muted palette of colors than I usually use.   Shell and Roses, WC, 10x14 inches

Here's another watercolor painting of roses, this one much more close-up.  This was also done as a demo for my watercolor class that meets at my Home Studio on Wednesdays.  I love this class!  I'm very happy with the way this one came out, especially the loose interpretative background.  Three Roses, WC, 7.5x10"

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Holiday Card 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!  Watercolor, 6x4"
I am wishing for peace and love to take over the world this year.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Parrot & Parakeet - Watercolor

I recently went through a bunch of my earlier work to find images I could use for greeting cards. Here are some examples of older work that show one of the styles I used to paint, using watercolor with pen and ink.  The disadvantage of using ink with WC is it can give a cartoon-like quality to your painting, as seen here. Although I rarely use this technique anymore, I had fun with it for quite a while.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Blue Jay's World

BLUE JAY'S WORLD, Watercolor, 11x14"
Here's a watercolor I recently finished of a blue jay looking out over a field.  A few of the techniques used in this painting are flat and variegated washes, spattering, layering, and negative painting.  Much of the beauty of watercolor is in the unpredictability of exact outcomes.  This unpredictability is also the greatest challenge to creating a successful watercolor painting. It helps to learn and practice, practice, practice some fun techniques. I teach watercolor classes at my Home Studio and at Pasco Hernando State College

Monday, September 07, 2015

Ibis At The Bay

Newest painting:  IBIS AT THE BAY, Oil, 11x14
I painted this mostly en plein air at Howard Park, Tarpon Springs, FL.  I went to the same location for two weeks to work on it. The three little ibis(es?) came along while I was painting the scene so I quickly sketched them and also took a photo. It's hard to paint wildlife that are moving right along! Later in my studio I added the birds and some finishing touches. I'm happy with the way I caught the light and shade.  This painting is currently on view at the Downtown Gallery, New Port Richey FL.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Recent Posts on Facebook

I've been nominated for the Artist's Challenge of posting 3 paintings a day for 5 consecutive days, by Jana Withers. This is my first day but I've been having some issues with my computer so I'm hoping I can get these posted before the day is over. So here goes ... I'm starting with three earlier plein air paintings, a watercolor - Green Key Palms, an oil - Kayaks on the Causeway, and a pastel - Honeymoon Path.

I'm on Day 2 of the Five Day Challenge. The first three are pastels: Rain and Shine, Bayou, and Sandhill Cranes. The fourth one is an oil: Croton in the Woods. Thanks for viewing!

This is day 3 of 5 of the Artist's Challenge for me. These paintings were done a couple of years ago, all were done in plein air and are 6 inch squares. Two of them are from a "Lifeguard" series I was working on. All three are oils.

I'm also posting day 4 of the 5 day challenge, (which is actually today.I couldn't get day 3 up yesterday) These were all painted from life, meaning not from photos, and represent a variety of mediums. JG Ranch Road - oil, Pond Reflections - Pastel, Floral Still Life - Oil, and Green Key Beach - Acrylic.To be continued, in next post.

I wanted to add some of my watercolors to Day 4 of the Artists' Five Day Challenge. These paintings range from the 1980s to present day works. Also I want to say I appreciate everyone's comments so far - I haven't been responding individually because it's been a busy week, but I hope to go back and do that later. Thank you.

Day 5 of the Artists Challenge. My last day. It has been a good challenge since it's gotten easier for me to post my work and I've gotten such positive feedback. I've asked a few different artists I know if I could nominate them and I'm happy to announce that Eva Allen , and Christine Eckerfield have agreed to accept. Thank you ladies! And thank you Jana Withers andPhoebe Chidester for nominating me!
Now that it's the last day I'm finding it difficult to narrow it down to which ones to post. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I could find enough. These four are all done in Acrylics and have won prizes in competitions. I will end my Challenge with my personal slogan - Paint On!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bluebonnets for April

This was a commission piece for a client who was originally from Texas. She wanted a painting of bluebonnets, the state flower. I don't usually do commissions anymore, but I was given free rein to come up with how and what I wanted to paint.   Never having been to Texas, I had to research to learn what the flower looks like and typical terrain where it grows.  This painting came to me from several images I saw while learning about the flower.  
Bluebonnets for April, 11x14, Oil 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

STUDIO WALTZ this weekend!!

STUDIO WALTZ this Saturday October 4, 2014! ARTISTS' STUDIOS TOUR & SALE 

This is your chance to visit several prominent local artists' studios and see how they work - Demonstrations throughout the day. Visit as many studios as you want - free! 

As the plein air painter of the Waltz, my studio is the great outdoors. I will be set up at #7 on the map, across the street from Carol Sackman & Blake White's colorful house/studio. Please come by and see me !!!

Go to www.studiowaltz.com for a map and more information.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Watercolor class demos

Here's a watercolor painting I did recently as a demo for my WC Studio class, showing how to paint wet-in-wet sunset clouds.

This was a quick demo for a workshop I taught at the college  (Encore Academy, Pasco Hernando State College) last spring.  I was again demonstrating the wet-in-wet technique with watercolors, using it this time while painting trees and foliage.  I like loose, expressive paintings rather than tightly controlled realism.  Painting wet-in-wet is one way to avoid getting too tight, because so much of what happens is out of your control - and often surprises happen - known as "happy accidents" when they come out well!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Here's my painting for this year's Brush with the Blues plein air event for the Blueberry Festival in Brooksville.  I called it "View from City Hall" because I painted it in the parking lot there.  I won Third Place!    Below you can see it framed and hanging inside for the exhibit. The lighting there isn't great but you get the idea.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brush with the Blues - Brooksville FL - Plein Air Competition 2014

Here are my best plein air painting buddies after a delectable lunch at Mallie Kyla's cafe in Brooksville, FL.  I'm the one in the middle. Last week we were all  painting out in different locations around Brooksville for the annual Brush with the Blues Plein Air competition (except for Rhonda - at top of stairs - who was in charge of organizing the event and had to work during it )  In order starting from the top of the stairs are: Rhonda, Jana, Jenna (me), Anneke, and Phoebe.   The awards were presented at the Blueberry Festival at a Sunday morning breakfast for the painters, judged by Tom Jones -the well-known watercolor artist.  Anneke  won First Place this year!  I won Third Place!  Everyone did beautiful work!  I will post my painting soon.  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Morris the Cat

Here's an oil painting of my daughter's cat, Morris.  This cat has one of the greatest personalities of any cat I've ever known!  He's friendly to everyone and especially wonderful with my almost-one-year-old granddaughter Esme!  Sleepy time Morris, Oil, 16x20 "  .  

Friday, April 04, 2014

More watercolors ......

Violet Rose

Wood's Edge

Another Rose

Here are two of my favorite watercolors painted this year:


Vase of Roses

And of course, if you are interested in buying any of these, or any other paintings you see on my blog,  please contact me and I will get the relevant information to you.  Thanks for visiting.  Paint on!

Time to Get Back on Track

Vase of Roses

Blue Jay's World    
I thought I'd put up some watercolors for a change.  Some are done during class demos and some during my own time, but most of them have not been named or sized or matted and so are not ready to be put on my website --
www.jennastarfriedman.com   --
I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted.  I'm always painting -- I have to! --but I'm not great at keeping up with the stuff that needs to be done to get my paintings out there.  Like photographing, filing, naming, sizing, signing, matting, framing, organizing, posting etc etc -- the stuff that's not actually painting.  I don't like to do the business side of art. I don't know many artists that do. Enough excuses. Here goes, I'm making another resolution to get consistent and organized.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Place Winner in Brush With the Blues Plein Air Competition

 Brooksville Palms - I painted this during the Brooksville "Brush with the Blues" plein air competition,an event that is part of the Blueberry Festival in Brooksville, Florida. I was very happy to be awarded FIRST PLACE for this painting!!!  A little background story:  We had Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday to paint on location anywhere in Brooksville.  The paintings were judged and the reception held on Saturday, May 4.   It rained both days that I went there to paint, but luckily there were  periods of just drizzle and I was using acrylics this time so I was able to paint anyway. I set up on the street, looking at a back view of the courthouse. I was drawn by the composition of the magnificent palms that were in the parking area there, with the old courthouse in the background. I tried to capture the drizzly gray weather contrasted with the colorful foreground palm leaves. As I was painting on Friday morning before the noon deadline, some landscapers came with their cherry-pickers and cut off all the bottom leaves and seeds of the palms -- leaving them looking vastly different with just a few of the top leaves left!  Luckily I had already gotten most of it painted.  Plein air painting has many challenges: difficult weather and energetic landscapers are two of them!
BROOKSVILLE PALMS, Acrylic, 11x14"


A writer for the Tampa Bay Times, Logan Neil, took a picture of me as I was finishing up before the deadline on Friday.  Below is a clip from the newspaper: