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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Patio Garden 3, Watercolor

This is the third in the series of paintings I did on my sister's patio in Phoenix. I just realized that I forgot to post this earlier with the others. If you look back a bit in my posts, you'll see two more watercolors of this view. These were all painted on different days of the same subject but with somewhat different focuses. In this particular painting, I used a few different watercolor resist techniques. Can you find them? Thanks for visiting!Posted by Picasa

Another Path in the Woods, Oil, 8x10" by Jenna Star

I painted this tropical pathway near a kayak trail in Howard Park, Tarpon Springs, in July and recently finished it up in the studio. The paint is highly textured and glazed. If you'd like to purchase this painting through Paypal, contact me at Jennastarfriedman@gmailcom. Thanks for visiting!
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