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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Painting Award

Here I am next to my painting, "Near the End of the Cotee River", which won an Honorable Mention at the Tarpon Springs Art Association show. The painting is in an exhibit at the Heritage Museum, located on Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs, FL. You can see this painting in close-up in the previous entry below.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Near the End of the Cotee River by Jenna Star

Painted en plein air recently with my friends of the West Coast Plein Air group. A couple of months ago, we discovered the James Grey Preserve right here in the middle of New Port Richey, FL. We've made many painting expeditions here and will continue to do so, because of the astounding beauty. This is where the Pithlaschacotee River ends. The river is tidal as it goes out to the Gulf of Mexico, so there are low and high water levels every day. The birds and vegetation here are varied and numerous. I did this on one of the first times we went there in February, and there were flocks of hundreds of robins flying and nesting overhead. So this is where they spend their winters, just like all the other (human) snowbirds that populate Florida in the cold months. I just wonder why would they ever want to leave?
"Near the End of the Cotee River" Oil, 11x14" contact me at jennalovesparrots@yahoo.com if you'd like to buy this painting through Paypal. Thanks for visiting!