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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Late Afternoon

Another in my series of paintings done at Brooker Creek Preserve. I loved the afternoon shadows and light that filtered through the trees on this road in the Preserve. My friend and I painted there one afternoon and set up in the same place. Of course, even though we were painting the same view, our work came out very differently - something that's often remarked upon with surprise by passersby who stop to talk to our plein air group. Yes of course!, I think to myself, we are all different people who see and interpret the world in our individual ways. Our show in the Gallery at the Preserve is still going on until March 3.
Late Afternoon, Pastel, 11x14
Contact me if you're interested in buying it at Jennastarfriedman@gmail.com and thanks for looking!
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Study for Tunnel Path

This little 8x10 oil painting is the plein air study I did for the larger one, "Tunnel Path" that is 18x24". I mainly was trying to get the values and hues I saw out in the field. I enjoyed painting it - I enjoy almost anything I paint outside - because I wasn't thinking about the outcome, just enjoying the process.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tunnel Path

While at Brooker Creek Nature Preserve, I painted an 8x10 study for this larger painting. This one is 18 x 24 inches - much larger than what I usually paint in plein air. It shows an area in the preserve where the trees grow up and over the pathway making a tunnel-like covering, which is why I named it as I did.

Tunnel Path, Oil on canvas, 18x24"
$500 unframed

Please contact me at Jennastarfriedman@gmail.com if you're interested in it.

Thanks for looking!
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

West Coast Plein Air Painting Days in February

Sorry for the late notice on this but we just got the details finalized. We are planning to paint in Tarpon Springs near the Yacht Club on Fridays during February. We'll meet in the parking lot of the Yacht Club at noon - although some of us will be starting there at 10:00 am if you'd like to go earlier. Click on the link below for directions. Hope to see you out there!
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